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First Class

Duvet Cleaning

Experts recommend that you clean your duvet every six months

Research shows that duvets can contain up to 20,000 live house dust mites along with bacteria and fungal spores. Allergens and contaminants that collect in your duvet can trigger symptoms of asthma, rhinitis and conjunctivitis, as well as irritate existing cases of eczema.

At First Class Clothier we use state of the art equipment to clean your duvet. Duvets are washed in water that has been specially filtered of all impurities that would otherwise damage the duvet fabric and dried in a special dryer with moisture sensors that ensures the duvet is dried throughout.

The majority of items can often be available for collection within 1-2 weeks. However some duvets may require more specialist cleaning and take longer. Service times for each item will be confirmed when you place your order.