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Wedding Gown Preservation

In preparation for long-term storage, we inspect your gown for any stains and determine the best method of removing any stains found. Your gown is then inspected after cleaning and at each step of the preservation process, making every attempt to remove all stains so that your gown will be safely stored for future generations.

We believe in responsible cleaning for your gown and the environment by ensuring that we use a professional wet cleaning system or GreenEarth®.

Finally your gown is hermetically sealed in an acid-free inner box that controls humidity. The oxygen is purged and replaced with an inert gas to guarantee your gown will not yellow or oxidize, retaining its value and preserving it for years to come.

The majority of items can often be available for collection within 4 to 6 weeks. However some more delicate items with fine detailing may require more specialist cleaning and take longer. Service times for each item will be confirmed when you place your order.