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First Class

Skiwear Cleaning

Take care of your skiwear so it lasts for several seasons

Ski wear is usually made of nylon fabric that the manufacturer has treated on one side with special polymers that lower the surface tension of the fabric, causing water to bead up and roll off. While the other side of the fabric is treated to help perspiration escape. This breathability keeps you dry and warm.

During normal wear, your ski wear accumulates soils from external sources as well as from your own body that can disrupt the waterproofing and breathability of your ski wear.

At First Class Clothier we use state of the art equipment to clean your ski wear. Most items are washed in water that has been specially filtered of all impurities that would otherwise damage the items fabric and dried in a special dryer with moisture sensors that ensures the items are dried throughout. Some items may require dry cleaning in which case a specially formulated dry cleaning agent for waterproof outerwear is used.

The majority of items can often be available for collection within 4-7 days. However some more delicate blouses with fine detailing may require more specialist cleaning and take longer. Service times for each item will be confirmed when you place your order.