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First Class

Wedding Gown Cleaning

First Class Clothier has more than twenty years experience cleaning wedding gowns and wedding accessories

Smoke, dirt, and other pollutants are absorbed by wedding gowns and wedding accessories, making them smell and dulling their luster. Grass, alcohol and makeup can stain and discolor wedding gowns and wedding accessories.

At First Class Clothier we use state of the art equipment to clean your wedding gown and other wedding accessories. Prior to cleaning, items are inspected for wear, damage, color loss and stains. All wear and damage to your items is brought to your attention and fixed if required before cleaning. Stains are pre-treated and then the items are gently cleaned using an environmentally friendly cleaning agent, which is specially designed for cleaning wedding gowns and wedding accessories. After detailed cleaning, post inspection is performed to ensure any stains found in the initial inspection have been removed. Finally we press and steam each wedding gown to perfection, and hang the wedding gown on a hanger with a cardboard mannequin to retain the wedding gowns shape.

The majority of items can often be available for collection within 4 to 6 weeks. However some more delicate items with fine detailing may require more specialist dry cleaning and take longer. Service times for each item will be confirmed when you place your order.